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«I am drawing birds for many years, but always thought that was something like a hobby. I used to paint them as a gift to friends or to get distracted from the work.

I always wanted to escape from realistic image, using bright, nature colors. To create a decorative fantastic figure, with difficult textures and colors, but to reach it with simple means.

I have never took what I did too serious, so it was easy for me to experiment with different technics and materials. Watercolors, watercolor’s pens, fountain pen, rapidographs, whitewash, ink and stationery proofreader.


Now I am very interested in creating a human character and emotion staying in the borders of decorative image of an animal»

photo_2020-12-10 12.34.34.jpeg

Gogol's character


mixed technic





«the hero appears» 2019
About exhibition

In august 2019 in Moscow art gallery «Artifact» there was my first personal exhibition «Birds. Characters». Where my birds were united with a poem of famous Russian poet  and concept artist Leo Rubinshtein «the hero appears». This poem wass created in a style of «lines on paper cards»


Every line contains a recognizable sentence which we can hear every day in the streets. So one hundred lines are a one hundred card deck, where every card is a self confident poem, line and emotion. Every card was connected to a picture and appeared to be a character line. This unique form let audience not just to see the birds, but to heat their voice.


One hundred birds, citizens of Moscow yards and nooks of memory. Maybe they are feathered inhabitants of roofs and yard’s trees or maybe citizens of big communal apartment or familiar faces from old houses and yards of our childhood. May be there will be a hero among them. Everyone has their own.

So here you can see a part of these project.