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Helen Ivashkin


I graduated from Moscow Textile Academy at the Department of Applied Arts (1983-1988). We were studying how to work with form, to stylize and to design ornamentation, to use coloristics as much as possible.

Then I was working in Moscow Fashion center where I was engaged in the selection and creation of collections for the Fashion Theatre and exhibition sales. During this period I traveled a lot for regional fashion houses where I selected the work of young designers for shows at the Moscow Fashion Center. I visited the Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, my duties included preparing and providing lectures on design for sales consultants and other staff.

I had an extensive experience with decorative fabrics. For a long time I was attending international exhibitions in Frankfurt where I advised a Moscow firm on the purchase of fabrics. For the last 10 years I have been designing and decorating interiors in tandem with an architect.

Now, I am creating my art project «Birds. Characters» where I try to capture different emotions and traits of human character within the frames of a decorative image of birds.

In 2019, the Artifact Gallery in Moscow hosted my personal exhibition where a series of 100 birds was combined with the poem "The Appearance of a Hero" by the Russian conceptualist poet Lev Rubinstein.

Photo by Anna Sukhovey

Now Helen's works are in private collections all over the world (Australia, Germany, UK, Russia, Spain and Porto) and represdented by different galleres worldwide. Find them in gallery «Givievechy» (Moscow), in «Cooperativa Artística Árvore» (Porto) and in «Concept store Pepino» (Porto).

2023 Landscapes and flowers

Exhibition in «Concept store Pepino»

2019 Birds. Characters «The appearance of a hero»

Personal exhibition in «Artefact gallary»

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